The NSW Multicultural Health Communication Service and Pink Sari Inc. were jointly awarded the ‘Pink Sari Project National Songwriting Competition’ under the Arts and Culture Category at the 2017 Australian Multicultural Marketing Awards held on 28th November 2017 at the Sydney Opera House.

A message from our Vice President, Shantha Viswanathan

‘Pink Sari Inc. was delighted to receive the award in partnership with the NSW Multicultural Health Communication Service. Community engagement and an excellent partnership between Pink Sari Inc. and the NSW Multicultural Health Communication Service has been instrumental in the success of this campaign. 

We would like to share this award with all the songwriters, music composers and singers, as without their lyrics, without their music and without their voices, there would have been no Pink Sari Melodies. This award is also one to be shared with everyone in our amazing community who were so willing and so giving of their time and their talents and to the excellent media coverage.

The national songwriting competition was the brainchild of the creative genius Kevin Bathman, NSW Multicultural Health Communication Service, and the mentorship of Michael Camit. When the idea was initially presented to Pink Sari Inc. ‘it hit the right note’ especially given that our community has a wealth of hidden talents. The success of this campaign has proven that the arts is a powerful medium for communicating social messages and that music can have a very profound impact.’